What is Brahmacharya

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Today in this article, I will try to explain you the answers to all the questions related to Brahmacharya in a very simple language. And I will also share some of my experiences related to celibacy with you. Therefore, read the article completely, you will get to know a lot, so let’s start the article.

There is a detailed description of Brahmacharya in ancient Indian culture. In which the sages of Sanatan Dharma have described Brahmacharya as important for the spiritual journey.

But the Brahmacharya which was talked about by the sages, is being presented in front of the people in most of the wrong ways today. That’s why I have to say this here,

Because when I searched about Brahmacharya in youtube, many results came up. In which it is being said that if you follow Brahmacharya (withholding of semen) for only 30 days, then you will get extraordinary power.

You will never get sick and whatever material comforts you want to get in your life, you will get it very easily. Such alluring things are told in the videos.

Due to which people’s time is wasted and they never get to know Brahmacharya properly. By the way, in the world of internet, the aim of most people is to earn money, even if it is earned by giving wrong information to the people. That is why so much false propaganda is being spread about celibacy.

As far as the study I have done regarding brahmacharya, it is different from all these things. In the next article, I will try my best to answer every small and big question related to celibacy very honestly so that you can know the truth of celibacy, so let’s first know that –

What is celibacy

The simple meaning of Brahmacharya is that your lifestyle becomes like that of Brahma, that is, when the behavior of a person starts operating from the center of Brahma, then that person is called Brahmachari.

When a person attains celibacy, many material comforts of this world seem to him to be smaller than the pleasures of celibacy.

Among the many material pleasures of this world, one pleasure which a man gets from a woman and a woman gets a man, that is, the pleasure of sex, that too appears very small to man.

And then a person who attains celibacy does not waste his time in all these small things. But here it does not mean that a celibate person cannot marry. Brahmacharya has nothing to do with marriage and has nothing to do with semen.

Some people say that semen is very impure to boost their ego, while they forget that the body they are wearing is also an extension of semen.

And semen is the natural quality of man, this quality is not only of man but of all living beings of the world. Therefore, it is wrong to consider semen impure for celibacy.

One thing to note here is that the definition of brahmacharya, which is being coined by today’s people, is central to work. You should understand this in such a way that the person who has sex is a kami and the person who gives up sex is a brahmachari. That’s why humans go with work or in contrast to work, overall the matter is the same.

Whereas brahmacharya has nothing to do with all these small things. Yes, one thing is necessary in brahmacharya that when a person is available to brahmacharya then he makes a healthy relationship with everyone.

As a celibate man does not look at every woman with sex. Overall, brahmacharya means knowing the truth. Thus now you must have understood what is  Brahmacharya. Now moving on to the next question-

How to practice Celibacy

By the way, there is no special rule to follow celibacy, because celibacy is not a physical activity, which you can do.

But if you want to attain brahmacharya then you start sitting in meditation. As your meditation deepens, you will gain control over your senses.

And slowly slowly you will become available to brahmacharya. That’s why you have to meditate regularly. To get deep into meditation, you can definitely adopt some of the following celibacy rules-

Brahmacharya Rules

  • You keep your diet right.
  • Avoid criticizing others.
  • Be silent for some time during the day.
  • Don’t talk to anyone unnecessarily.
  • Be conscious of whatever you do.
  • Spend some time of daily life with nature.
  • Stay away from the company of wrong people.
  • Have complete trust in God.

How to practice celibacy in a relationship

This question remains in the mind of every married woman and man that how to follow celibacy in household life. As I have said in the very beginning, Brahmacharya has nothing to do with marriage.

Whatever state you are in, just start meditating. For celibacy, the existence of any state is not important. That is why you can attain brahmacharya by staying in any situation of life.

Celibacy life definition

A brahmachari is like a tree, in which tolerance knows no bounds. Brahmachari shows the human race the way to live a happy life without any selfishness.

The brahmachari always lives with selflessness. That is why the one who has no desire left in his life is called a brahmachari.

Celibacy disadvantages

By the way, there is no harm in brahmacharya. But it is necessary that the person who is tied in the string of relationship, gradually starts getting free from the bond of relationship.

And the longing to collect from his mind starts dissolving. Due to which he could hardly live his life according to his relatives. In brahmacharya the need for material comforts becomes limited.

Therefore, such persons should not get into celibacy, in whose mind material comforts have to be fulfilled by following celibacy. Because celibacy will always harm them.

Celibacy benefits

By descending into brahmacharya, tremendous energy originates in the human being. The power of brahmacharya is so great that a man becomes the king of his senses.

With the power of brahmacharya, so much will is created in the mind of a person that a person can move through the universe with that will power. And he becomes the master of Panchabhut.

With which he can take any body type. The power of brahmacharya is limitless, it cannot be defined in words.

My thoughts on celibacy

Brahmacharya is a high state which every person must adopt in his life. By the way, I have tried to explain you the answers to almost all the questions related to brahmacharya in simple language.

And I hope that now you have understood the what is Brahmacharya correctly. Still, if you have any question or suggestion regarding Brahmacharya, then definitely tell us by commenting. We wait for your comment.

Thank you for reading the article to the end of What is Brahmacharya.

Q. Is celibacy harmful to health?

Ans. No

Q. Is it healthy to be celibate?

Ans. Yes

Q. What is the true meaning of celibacy?

Ans. The simple meaning of Brahmacharya is that your lifestyle becomes like that of Brahma(God), that is, when the behavior of a person starts operating from the center of Brahma (God) , then that person is called Brahmachari.

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