Panchang today

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Aaj ka Panchang – Today Panchang is according to the time of 6 in the morning of New Delhi, the capital of India. On this page, you will be the first to read information like date, festival, fast and auspicious time according to Hindu calendar 2021 every day. So make sure to bookmark this page in your browser.

Aaj ki tithi (Panchang today)

Panchang today

Bhadrapada  Dashami –  

(Krishna Paksha)

Vikram Samvat 2078

01 September, 2021 Day Wednesday (01-09-2021)

New Delhi, Bharat

Date01 September, 2021 Day Wednesday (01-09-2021)
Sunrise05:59 AM
Sunset06:43 PM
Moonrise01:07 AMSep 02
Moonset02:47 PM
NakshatraMrigashirsha upto 12:35 PM
Kundali Sinh
YogaVajra upto 09:40 AM
Shaka Samvat1943 Plava
Vikram Samvat2078 Aananda
Gujarati Samvat2077 Paridhavi

Today’s Special Mantra

Bhojan Mantra

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