How to join Iskcon Permanently | How to join Iskcon as a Devotee

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In today’s article, we will tell you how to join ISKCON and what needs to be done to take initiation, what comes in the exam, we will advise you in detail.
Suppose you also want to take initiation in ISKCON or want to initiate your children or any member of your family through ISKCON in future. In that case, you are requested to read this article very carefully.

For your convenience, I have divided this article into three phases, in which in the first phase you will be told about what education is given while taking initiation, after that how the examination is in the second phase and how initiation(Deeksha) is given in the third phase.

Iskcon joining Rules

ISKCON is a centre of spiritual education. Education is imparted in ISKCON in the same way as is done in colleges and universities. The first step is education, under which we are first taught, that is, first we are given spiritual education.

The second step is the examination, in which our examination is done, that is, we have to pass the examination. It also happens with many people who fail the exam,
But there is no need for you to panic because the process of taking Diksha in Join ISKCON is not that difficult either. If you attend class regularly and study properly then you will easily pass the exam.

You do not even need to worry because I can say with a claim that you will crack the exam in one go and that too very easily with a smile.
I am saying this because there is a desire within you to join ISKCON, to know your Sanatan Dharma,

There is a desire to know yourself and to start your spiritual journey, that’s why you are gathering information about the process of initiation(Deeksha) in Join ISKCON by coming to Katha Star and reading this article with great interest.

This is proof that you are completely ready to join ISKCON and nothing can stop you from joining ISKCON now, because when we are striving from the bottom of our hearts to achieve some goal, Nature also starts helping us in every possible way and God also helps them, then they help themselves.

In the next article, I will tell you in detail what is the syllabus of the exam, from which topics questions are asked, etc. The third step is initiation(Deeksha), after passing the examination we are given initiation. Only then the whole process of Diksha is completed.

Come, let me tell you to step by step from the beginning what you will have to do to take initiation(Deeksha): –

How to join ISKCON

First of all, search on Google where is the ISKCON temple nearest to your home. Wherever you live, there must be one or the other ISKCON temple nearby.

Because there will hardly be any place in the world where there is no ISKCON temple, you can easily find an ISKCON temple near your home, if there is no ISKCON temple then ISKCON’s preaching centre will definitely be there.join Iskcon Permanently

So, first of all, you have to go there and contact them and you have to tell them that you want to take initiation(Deeksha) in ISKCON. After that, they will guide you and explain the whole process, what steps you have to follow and what preparations you have to make.

But since you have come to Katha Star website to know what is the process of taking Diksha in ISKCON, then it is my duty to give you as much information as I can while sitting at home so that you do not face any problems in taking Diksha.

My team has personally gone to the ISKCON temple to know the whole process of initiation(Diksha) and has also talked to many devotees who are studying there and tried to know their experience, so the information I got from there and Whatever I have known, I am telling you the entire experience in this article.

It is said that before starting any work, we should do as much self-study as possible about that work so that later we do not face any problems and we can easily achieve our goal.

So, dear readers, you should understand that your self-study is being done in this article. If you go after completing your homework, then definitely you will not face any problems.

To reach Diksha in ISKCON first one has to go through two stages, I have already told you that Diksha is a three-stage process. The three steps that I have mentioned above have been explained in simple language so that you can understand what the process is.

Now I am telling the same three steps below in the language of ISKCON Temple:-

Iskcon Joining the First step – Aspirant(aakaankshee)

Before entering the aspirant step you have to buy three things which you will get in the ISKCON temple itself. Every ISKCON temple has a stall that has Japa Mala, Japa Bag, Sakshi Mala, Tulsi Kanthi Mala, Bhagavad Gita and many other spiritual books and materials.

So you have to buy chanting beads, chanting bags and witnessing beads from the stall. Japa Mala:- Japa Mala consists of 108 Beets (beads) on which you have to chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra.

There are two types of chanting rosary(mala):- One is chanting the rosary before initiation and the other is chanting the rosary after initiation. The chanting rosary before initiation is made of bel wood.
The chanting rosary after initiation is made of Tulsi, which is provided by Gurudev at the time of initiation.

Chanting bag:- The chanting bag is meant for keeping the chanting beads. And the third Sakshi Mala: Sakshi Mala is used to count the number of rounds of chanting that you have done today.
The new student is told the rule of chanting at least one Sakshi Mala for the beginning.

How do you chant japa mala Iskcon?

Meaning of chanting a Sakshi Mala:- Sakshi Mala consists of 16 beads (Guria) together and 4 beads (Guria) separately at some distance.

On completion of 01 japa rosary of Hare Krishna maha-mantra, 01 beads out of 16 beads of Sakshi Mala is moved forward, on completion of the second japa rosary of Mahamantra, out of the remaining 15 beads of Sakshi Mala, the second bead is moved forward Similarly, on completion of 16 Japa Mala, 16 beads of Sakshi Mala are moved forward. This is an easy method to remember Japa so that we can know how much Mahamantra we have chanted today.

Similarly, after moving 16 beads of Sakshi Mala forward, out of 04 separate beads in Sakshi Mala, 01 beads is moved forward and 16 beads are moved back, thus 16*4=64 chanting of Mahamantra. is done.

In this way, the rule of chanting at least one witness rosary is told to the new student for the beginning i.e. 16 rounds of the rosary.

Information about the aspirant(aakaankshee):-

Akankshi means desirous, curious, and desirous of achieving. If you are a vegetarian then it is very good, but if you are a non-vegetarian then also there is no problem. You are perfectly fit for the first step – aspirant. You will be accepted inside the ISKCON temple in every situation.

On entering aspirant you have to follow one rule, and that rule is to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra at least 04 times, which means 108*4= 432 times Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Only after doing this, you will be considered ready to take the aspirant.

Dear readers of Katha Star, it does not mean at all that you have to chant only 04 rounds, it has been told only from the beginning. , 07, 08, 09, 10 etc. You can chant the rosary.

The more you chant the rosary, the easier it will be for you at the time of the third step – initiation. That’s why you start practising from the very beginning so that your body, your mind and your brain get used to chanting.

Here I also want to tell you very clearly that before entering the third step – Diksha, you should know how to chant 16 rounds, which means you will be given initiation only when you start chanting 16 rounds. 16 rounds of Japa Mala means 01 round of Sakshi Mala.

When is the aspirant(Akankshi) done?

It depends on the arrangement of the temple when the temple administration organizes this event. Like on Vyas Puja, on any special date or on any special festival or festival.
You don’t have to take any exam to be an aspirant, you just have to offer flowers at the feet of Srila Prabhupada and after that your first step – aspirant is complete.

Being an aspirant means that you want to take initiation in ISKCON in the future. You have expressed your desire or expressed your desire to take initiation in ISKCON.

Iskcon Joining the Second step – Charan aashray

Before taking shelter of feet, you have to wear Tulsi Kanthi Mala. It is worn in the throat (throat) so it is called Kanthi Mala in simple words in common parlance.

Before taking Charan shelter, you have to follow some simple rules which are as follows:-

  1. 1. You don’t have to eat non-vegetarian food.
    2. Don’t get intoxicated.
    3. Have to live in a good and virtuous environment.
    4. Don’t criticize anyone.
  2. 5. Avoid lying as much as possible.
    6. Don’t do wrong or dirty things.
    7. Live a simple and virtuous life.
    8. Have to fast on Ekadashi.
    9. Prasad (food) has to be accepted only after offering it to God.
    10. Chanting 04 rounds will have to be increased to 16 rounds.

There is a course inside the ISKCON temple that is completed before the third step – Harinam Diksha, which means that this course is a part of the second step – Charan Ashraya. Whose name is IDC (Iskcon Disciple Course).

Iskcon disciple course exam 

This course is mandatory for taking initiation in Join ISKCON. Every aspirant who takes initiation in ISKCON has to do this course, which is very easy. For this, you have to fill out a form and attend classes regularly.

There are many topics inside this course, some important and necessary topics are as follows: –

  • Why are you taking Diksha, what is the importance of Sadhguru in our life,
  • What is the relationship between Guru and disciple?
  • Why should the disciple follow the orders of the Guru?
  • What the duties of the disciple, etc. are taught in detail.

This course will be conducted in the ISKCON temple you are going to or you will be sent to Vrindavan or Mayapur to conduct this course. Along with this, you have to do Mangala Aarti in the morning, Sandhya Aarti in the evening, Tulsi Aarti, 16 rounds of chanting daily, 25 rounds of Ekadashi fasting, and Ekadashi fasting.

Don’t eat spicy and sour-sweet dishes (junk food) of oil, chillies, and spices seen in the market. You can buy fresh sweets, fruits, juices, shakes etc. from the market.

I have told you the rule above that you have to take Prasad only after offering food to God, but if you ever have such a situation that you have some food item (vegetarian food) and before eating it you should offer food to God. want, but you are at such a place where there is neither the idol of God nor Tulsi leaf in front of you, then how will you offer bhog(food).

If you want to take initiation in ISKCON, then you have to follow the rules mentioned above, the easy way to follow this rule is to touch the food (vegetarian food) with the Tulsi garland held in your throat While remembering God in your mind, offer him bhog, after that, you accept that prasad, in this way your rules will be followed.

But if you are in any country of the world, where it is impossible to get vegetarian food, then in a such an extreme situation you can resort to non-vegetarian food, but it does not mean at all that you should give up trying to get vegetarian food. If you make an effort and make up your mind that no matter what happens, you will not eat non-vegetarian food, then God Himself will help you in some form or the other.

Iskcon Joining the Third step -Harinam diksha

Your exam is done before admission and it becomes mandatory to follow four rules, which are as follows:-

  1. Do not eat non-vegetarian food.
  2. Do not take any kind of intoxicant (such as tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarette, ganja, gutkha, paan, tobacco etc.)
  3. Do not gamble (any game that is addictive)
  4. Do not make any illegal relations.

As you move forward step by step, you will have to restrain yourself, because after reaching here, if you break any rule, you can be thrown out of ISKCON, which you will never want, so pay special attention to these things. Have to pay attention.

Iskcon exam

For this, a book called “Naam Hatt” comes which is available online, it will be available in the bookstall where your ISKCON temple is and it will definitely be available in Mayapur Vrindavan. This book is available in every language, so you will not have any problem in studying it.

There are 20 questions in one phase of this book, which are specially made for Diksha, which come to write in the written examination, so remember these questions very well. You will have to write the answers to these questions in long answer form.

The exam is done in two stages, the first stage will be in your local ISKCON temple, and if you pass that exam then you will be sent to the main branch of ISKCON for the second stage exam. There is a branch of ISKCON in every metropolitan city within India, so you will be called for the second phase of the exam in the branch of the city nearest to your home. Like Mayapur, Vrindavan, Mumbai etc.

You should remember all the aartis like mangal aarti, sandhya aarti, tulsi aarti, guru vandana, shri guru charan etc. You should remember all this while singing on the lines that have been created for him. You have to sing and recite it there.

In the book “Nam Hatt” there is a topic Dasvid Naampradh

You would have been given several points in order, which you would have to remember in that order. Here you should pay special attention to the fact that you have to remember those points in the order in which they are given, the order should not be disturbed.

Because in the second stage exam, you will be asked about any point like what is in 04 number, what is in 07 number etc. So you will have to remember all the points in sequence.
After reading so many courses for initiation on our website Katha Star, you must be thinking that what is the point of memorizing all these, what will we benefit from it, it is all useless, we have to read all these things to take initiation. What is the need, what will happen by chanting,

If I tell you my personal experience then it is very important because it will start your devotional life, the spiritual journey of your life, you will start loving God because for this we have come on this earth to die and have taken on a human body

And when we leave our body means when we die, only this devotion will go with us and not our money, house, car, respect, wife, son, or relatives. All this will be left here.

Apart from the second stage written test, you will also have an interview. In the interview, the teachers there can ask you anything, I will not be able to tell you anything about it,

For this, you have to attend regular classes, complete the course, and remember what you will be asked to remember because the questions asked in the interview will be asked from the middle of it.

By following these rules, your second step phase shelter will be completed.
Harinam initiation does not take place immediately after Charanashraya. After taking Charanashraya you will have to wait for at least 06 months only after that you will be given Harinam Deeksha.

Iskcon Harinam Diksha

In Harinam Deeksha, your Guru Maharaj gives you a new Tulsi Mala with his own hands which you have to wear around your neck. Apart from this, you will also be provided with a new chanting mala by your Guru Maharaj. Due to this, you have to chant Hare Krishna maha-mantra. Before initiation, the kanthi mala is removed from the neck.

At the time of Deeksha, the mantra is given to you by Guru Maharaj ji and you will be performed Yajna and Havan and Guru Maharaj prays to God that ‘O Lord, please accept this child as your slave or maid, this Since then I am your eternal slave or eternal maid.’

After initiation your name is changed i.e. you are given a new name. The words ‘Das’ and ‘Dasi’ are also added behind the new name. The word ‘daas’ is used for men and ‘dasi’ for women.

Inside ISKCON all men are addressed with the word ‘Prabhuji’ and women are addressed with the word ‘Mataji’.
All the devotees respect and respect each other inside ISKCON, that’s why these words are used.

After getting Diksha, it is the ultimate duty of the disciple to obey his Guruji’s every command, to serve his Guruji and not to do any such inappropriate act that hurts his Guruji’s soul. The next process that takes place after Diksha is called Bhiksha.

After getting Diksha you have to beg for alms (alms) for your Guru Maharaj. By begging, our ego and ego get destroyed and whatever you get in alms, you have to give it all to your Guru Maharaj.

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It is only then that your third step – Harinam Deeksha is complete and Guru Maharaj officially accepts you as his disciple.

“Srila Prabhupada ji had said in a letter that if a devotee follows 04 rules and chants 16 rounds daily, he will surely go to God’s abode.”

Our team has tried its best to collect all this information, and only then we are able to reach you with all this information. Regarding the fear and pressure that was in your mind regarding taking initiation from ISKCON, we are sure that after reading this much information, your mind must have become lighter and you must be feeling good and the belief must be awakening in your mind that Now I too can take initiation from ISKCON.

I hope that you have got complete information from the  How to Join Iskcon Permanently article, if you still have any questions or suggestions, then inform us through the comment and do not forget to tell us by commenting how you liked this article. Thank you for reading the article.

Answer your questions

Q.Is ISKCON Hindu or not?

Ans. Yes Hindu

Q. Which is Asia’s largest ISKCON?

Ans. Mayapur, West Bengal (India)

Q. ISKCON organization brainwashes the youth?

Ans. Amogh Lila Das ji Amogh Lila says that 99.99% of people inside ISKCON lead a domestic life. It is appropriate to leave home for a job, for patriotism and for social work, it is appropriate for a girl to leave her mother’s house after marriage. So how can it be inappropriate to leave home to spread the message of God?

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